Position Papers

Funding Research Between Public and Private Resources, The role of SSH research in Europe. A roundtable with European Foundations

EASSH would like to thank Wellcome Trust for hosting a lunch in London, which brought together European foundations committed to supporting research in the social sciences and humanities.  The paper Funding Research Between Public and Private Resources was prepared by EASSH to initiate what we hope will be a series of discussions about the current and future of social science and humanistic research in Europe. 

FAB – LAB – APP: The perspective of the European Alliance for SSH on the HLG Report

The HLG’s work on the next Framework Programme emerges in a very fragile political environment, where humanitarian crisis, political fragility, populism and deep societal changes are among the most pressing issues for Europe’s future.While there is much to support in the work of the HLG, EASSH is concerned that the report fails to remain consistent with its own call to listen to the concerns of EU citizens. Read EASSH response to the HLG


EASSH welcomes new members: We need your voice!

In May EASSH is launching a campaign for new members and wants to encourage associations, universities, research centres and institutions to join the Alliance.

EASSH focuses on making...

EASSH General Assembly - 2-3 November 2017

A warm thank you to all our members who could take part in the General Assembly last friday. We were also very pleased with the participation of Angela Liberatore...

#Double FP9 Budget

Our Twitter campaign is reaching out for 80,652 citizens to tell us why we must invest in Research. Check their views...