Susanne von Itter
Executive Director
European Association of Development 
Research and Training Institutes (EADI)

Kaiser-Friedrich-Strasse 11, 53113 Bonn, Germany
Tel: (+49) 228 261 8966; Fax: (+49) 228 261 81 03

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EADI - European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes

EADI, the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes, is the leading European network in the field of development research and training. 

EADI is a Europe-wide network of institutes, researchers and students of various disciplines in the field of development studies. It organises activities and offers facilities for the international exchange of knowledge and experience in the professional field. Its most prominent activity is a General Conference devoted to a topical issue every three years. The official languages of EADI are English and French.

EADI’s Mission

EADI is the prime professional association for development studies. As such it promotes: 

  • Quality in research and education in development studies,
  • The exchange of relevant information among members and with others,
  • The strengthening of relevant knowledge networks at the regional and global level,
  • Influencing both national and European decision-makers in the development cooperation field.

EADI’s Objectives

  • To generate and stimulate and exchange of information among European academics and researchers concerned with development issues and to develop contacts with researchers from other regions of the world.
  • To promote interdisciplinary studies on specific themes.