Pierre Keller, Chair of the Board

Dr. Paul Flather, Secretary-General


99 Banbury Road, Oxford
Oxfordshire, UK

Telephone: +44(0)1865284480
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EUROPAEUM Association of leading European universities

The Europaeum is an association of 10 leading European university institutions, designed to serve as an 'international university without walls', in which future scholars and leaders of our new Europe will have an opportunity to share common learning and confront common concerns together.

The Europaeum was founded in 1992 as an association of European universities, with a mission to:

  • promote excellence in academic research and teaching collaboration between Europaeum partners;
  • act as an open academic network linking Europaeum partners and other bodies in the joint pursuit of study;
  • serve as a resource for the general support and promotion of European studies;
  • provide opportunities for the joint pursuit of new pan-European initiatives;
  • explore new ways and new roles for universities to fulfill their many roles in the new Learning Age;
  • develop a ‘pool of talent’ to carry out research and inquiry into problems and questions confronting Europe today and tomorrow;
  • help train and educate future leaders for a new Europe.

Europaeum programmes include research projects, annual conferences and student summer schools, lectures, joint teaching programmes, public debates, staff mobility schemes, linked scholarship schemes, and a developing knowledge platform.