Prof. Paul Schubert
Secrétaire général de la FIEC
7, rue des Beaux-Arts
2000 NEUCHATEL (Switzerland)

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FIEC International Federation of Associations of Classical Studies

The International Federation of Associations of Classical Studies (FIEC) is an umbrella organization that covers most associations of classical studies of national importance around the world. Its aim is to foster cooperation among classical scholars by disseminating information among affiliated associations, enabling direct contact between Delegates, informing governmental authorities on the importance of classical studies. It also contributes to the support of classical studies on all continents, and more generally takes any apropriate action that will help to sustain classical studies at an international level.

Every five years, FIEC holds an International Congress which gathers scholars from all parts of the world and from all sub-fields of classical studies ; this is coupled with a General Assembly of Delegates ; another General Assembly of Delegates is held once between congresses.