Dr Stefan Meysman

Coordinator Henri Pirenne Institute for Medieval Studies

Ghent University

Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 35 (UFo, 2nd floor, room 004)

9000 Gent


+32 9 331 02 28

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Belgium / Ghent —

Ghent University

In Belgium, Ghent University has been a pioneer in its strategy for quality enhancement and impact of SSH research since 2012. Supportive measures included a structural investment in interdisciplinary research consortia in the fields of culture & heritage, psychology, global studies, criminology and economics. In 2018-2019, the university reinforced its efforts, leveraging these consortia towards even more ambitious interdisciplinary collaborations and societal impact. Next, UGent funded a university-wide roll-out of the initiative. There now exist ten competitively selected Interdisciplinary Consortia for Societal Impact (IDC), covering a wide variety of disciplines in SSH and STEMM, and breaking down traditional barriers inside academia as well as with stakeholders.