Integration of social sciences and humanities in Horizon 2020: Participants, budgets and disciplines

Monday 4 January, the EC has published the latest SSH integration report. No major changes from previous analysis and the integration remains limited as no changes could have been made to Horizon 2020 legal framework. However, some lessons learnt could impact on Horizon Europe implementation. See the report here

SSH in Horizon Europe: an historical result!

On 10 december 2020, the European budget was finally approved. This includes also the budget for Horizon Europe for research, innovation and education. EASSH has been following the negotiations closely and supported funding for Humanities and Social Sciences research both in a dedicated cluster (Cluster 2a), in ERC and as an integrated part of the whole programme.

The community of social sciences and humanities wants to thank the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Member States for for the historical increase of the budget for the Cluster ‘Culture,... Read more

EASSH endorsed Rescue Horizon Europe

EASSH has joined scientists around Europe and endorsed the open letter to President Von der Leyen to support the investment in Horizon Europe. Rescue Horizon Europe

UNESCO Conference "Humanities and Social Sciences for Sustainability“

An online conference "Humanities and Social Sciences for Sustainability“ on October 21 & 22 2020. During the conference a group of leading international experts will present and discuss strategies to strengthen the humanities and social sciences in sustainability research and policies. Hereby we want to explore new ways to integrate the cultural, social and regional dimensions in sustainable development policies.

The natural sciences have driven the world’s attention to the ecologically harmful consequences of modern lifestyles. These... Read more

Mr Paquet to open EASSH General Assembly - 06 November 2020

EASSH General Assembly is confirmed on 6 November 2020. The Director General of Research and Innovation of the European Commission Jean Eric Paquet has accepted to address the members at the opening of the event. Agenda and documents relative to the meeting have already been circulated privately to the members. If you are a member of EASSH and you have not yet received an invitation or the agenda for the meeting, please contact us as soon as possible. The registration is open until Friday 23rd October 2020.   

EASSH expresses deep concerns about the current budget developments regarding Horizon Europe

EASSH members are deeply concerned that Horizon Europe risks developing only partial solutions if the huge imbalance in research funding is not addressed. They consider that the current budget discussion does not recognise the crucial place of the societal dimension across all clusters and does earmark insufficient resources for the Cluster devoted to SSH-driven societal issues.