A new, modern Multiannual Financial Framework for a European Union that delivers efficiently on its priorities post-2020

On 14 February, an EU communication addressed to the European Parliament, the European Council and the Council shows the importance of doubling the investment in research and innovation. Doubling the Framework Programme to EUR 160 billion would create an estimated 650,000 jobs by 2040 and add around 0.46% to Gross Domestic Product over the same period. It would enable the EU to emerge as a global leader in large-scale research initiatives. Research and Innovationare crucial for the future and for advanced Economies like Europe. Read the... Read more

Key competences for Life Long Learning, Council recommendations fail to recognise social and humanities skills

Allocate equal importance to skills and competences in the fields of social sciences and humanities from an early age is essential for educating the next generation of European citizens. Critical thinking, social inclusion, democratic philosophy, creative and free expression of ideas are fundamental skills for generations subject to fast social and economic transformations. EASSH supports EUA statement on amending the recommendations of the Council about the... Read more


Call on the EU to strengthen SSH research and improve its integration in FP9.  A group of University call for support. Sign for your support too here 

#Double FP9 Budget: A successful campaign!

We would like to thank the large number of you who responded to the EASSH Twitter campaign #DoubleFP9budget. The high volume of testimonials about the research budget shows how investment in Research and Innovation is understood as an important commitment towards Europe’s future capacity to ensure social wellbeing, to secure access to clean energy and sustainable sources of food and to provide for future generations. DOUBLE FP9 BUDGET!

Future UK-EU research partnership: Royal Society and Wellcome Trust invite your views

Dear Colleagues,

The Royal Society and the Wellcome Trust invite your thoughts for the Future Partnership Project. This project will draw on the experience of individuals and organisations to deliver a framework for a future UK-EU research partnership which is achievable, creative and valuable. This will support rapid progression to an agreement which works for both sides, and lays the groundwork for implementation.                                               ... Read more

EASSH welcomes new members: We need your voice!

In May EASSH launched a campaign for new members and wants to encourage associations, universities, research centres and institutions to join the Alliance.

EASSH focuses on making sure that research policy is not just for natural science and technology approaches but that SSH disciplines can influence discussions about research infrastructures, open access, data. We want to ensure that the needs of our disciplines are mirrored and valued in the design of research funding frameworks at European and national levels.  ... Read more