AAAS annual meeting: EASSH invited to present at Social Sciences section business meeting

On Friday 15 February, EASSH will address the attendees of the Social, Economic and Political Sciences section business meeting at the AAAS annual meeting. The intervention addresses the most important science policy issues affecting the conduct of social science in the EU countries and highlights salient contrasts with the current situation in the U.S. 

Director Gabi Lombardo gives prize-speech at Young Academy of Europe annual meeting

EASSH Director Gabi Lombardo was awarded the second Young Acadamy prize, recognising her work with EASSH in building a voice, community and strategic direction for social sciences and humanities, particularly with respect to future European research funding rounds. On Thursday 29 November, she collected that prize, giving a keynote speech to the Young Academy members as part of their joint annual meeting with the Academia Europea in Barcelona. 

In her speech Gabi addressed the need for social sciences and humanities to be... Read more

Research excellence and cooperation must prevail in Horizon Europe

EASSH joins 13 University Associations to reinforce the importance that Horizon Europe supports high quality, open and international research in all fields of scientific investigations with a strong investment of €160Bn as advocated by the European Parliament.

See our statement.

Horizon Europe must be broadened

The EU’s proposal for its next research and innovation funding framework focuses too narrowly on technology, say EASSH Director Gabi Lombardo and Jon Deer from LSE in this article for the Times Higher Education magazine. You can read the article here: 

EASSH calls for increased EU budget for research and innovation with ISE and EuroScience

Alongside EuroScience and the Initiative for Science in Europe, EASSH is pleased to add it's voice to those calling for increased EU budget for research and innovation through this petition With over 1000 signatories already, this petition is backed by the research communitty, from individual academics to  the presidents and chief executives of learned societies and academies. EASSH members can add their voice to this call by... Read more

EASSH Session at ESOF: The Politics of Science

A superb panel of speakers are hosted by EASSH at ESOF. The session focus on "The politics of science: funding social sciences & humanities around the world?" and the objective is designed to create engaged discussion and exchange on the “Politics of Science” and the position of and possibilities for the social sciences and humanities building upon the perspectives of experts drawn from diverse professional sectors in the social sciences and humanities.  Our speakers are (in alphabetical order) J. P. Bourguignon, President of... Read more