EASSH calls for increased EU budget for research and innovation with ISE and EuroScience

Alongside EuroScience and the Initiative for Science in Europe, EASSH is pleased to add it's voice to those calling for increased EU budget for research and innovation through this petition With over 1000 signatories already, this petition is backed by the research communitty, from individual academics to  the presidents and chief executives of learned societies and academies. EASSH members can add their voice to this call by... Read more

EASSH Session at ESOF: The Politics of Science

A superb panel of speakers are hosted by EASSH at ESOF. The session focus on "The politics of science: funding social sciences & humanities around the world?" and the objective is designed to create engaged discussion and exchange on the “Politics of Science” and the position of and possibilities for the social sciences and humanities building upon the perspectives of experts drawn from diverse professional sectors in the social sciences and humanities.  Our speakers are (in alphabetical order) J. P. Bourguignon, President of... Read more

EASSH joins 13 associations in a statement on Horizon Europe

In the wake of the European Commission’s release of its outline for the Ninth Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (Horizon Europe), EASSH and other 13 European associations representing universities united to respond to the proposal. For universities, creating the best Horizon Europe possible is paramount as the programme is a key enabler in achieving European ambitions and strengthening values. By reinforcing research and innovation, Horizon Europe will impact the daily life of European citizens, European society as a whole and the European economy. See our... Read more

EASSH Position Paper for the EOSC Summit

In June, EASSH has been invited to attend the European Open Science Summit. The aim of the event is to reflect on the progress of our current achievements and ongoing efforts, and to consult with the key stakeholders, on operational and strategic aspects of the EOSC before the implementation phase starts. EASSH has prepared a Position paper for the event Co-designing the European Open Science Cloud The Role of Social Sciences and Humanities

EASSH is partners in PRO-RES, an EU project that builds an ethics and integrity framework for all non-medical research

The European Alliance for SSH (EASSH) along with 13 scientific institutions throughout Europe is to run a EUR 2.8 million Project aiming at building an ethics and integrity framework for all non-medical research. 

Good, effective policymaking that produces outcomes that benefit, protect and sustain society, communities, groups and individuals depends upon robust, rigorous, and interpretable research. If research is flawed by lacking integrity and by being conducted unethically it is of no use to policymakers. The PRO-RES project, coordinated by the European Science Foundation... Read more

Annual Prize of the Young Academy of Europe to Gabi Lombardo

The Young Academy of Europe awarded their annual prize to Gabi Lombardo, Director of EASSH.With this Prize, the YAE recognizes the outstanding achievements and contributions by early to mid-career professionals to support and promote science and evidence-based policy in Europe, science communication and more generally support future generation scientists and scholars in Europe. The Award honours outstanding contributions and achievements that align with the core mission of the YAE.... Read more