General Assembly, Vienna, November 2018

The most recent General Assembly of the European Alliance for the Social Sciences and the Humanities took place in Vienna on 27 November 2018.

A major item on the agenda was the Alliance’s engagement with preparations for Horizon Europe. EASSH has worked on the basis of the strategy agreed at the previous General Assembly in November 2016, that is to support a dedicated space for SSH-driven research in the new framework programme and to support the scientific contribution of SSH research across all challenges. A number of elements of the strategy were discussed at the General Assembly:

  • A call for a more ambitious budget (especially ERC and MSCA) at €160bn
  • A more balanced redistribution of funding across the clusters and equity in resourcing for cluster 2
  • More SSH-driven intervention areas per cluster
  • Inclusion of SSH experts in all areas of design and implementation of Horizon Europe
  • A stronger social dimension in the European Innovation Council
  • SSH expert cluster management in research and innovation actions

A number of priorities for 2019 were agreed:

  • To continue the focus on Horizon Europe (including issues of missions and social innovation) and other important policy areas like Plan S and Open Science
  • To continue the ongoing work with European foundations as partners for advocating SSH research to policy makers
  • To consider how members can become more regularly involved and part of the consultation in EASSH activities, where appropriate
  • To develop more regular communications with members regarding activities and achievements of EASSH as well as the exchange of news, activities and important issues
  • To address the issues of career development for SSH researchers at their early stages of their careers and of precarity in academia