EASSH is placed under the collegial responsibility of the Governing Board composed of nine members (as of November 2016): three elected members representing the college of founders (Poul Holm - Chair, Olivier Bouin, Theo Wubbels - Treasurer) three elected members representing the college of European associations and institutions (Patrick O'Donovan - IHA, Cristina Pimenta - Carmen, Frank Welz -ESA) and three qualified personnalities (Monica Dietl, Marta Soler-Gallart, Andrew Sors). The Director is Gabi Lombardo. 

Founders (as of January 2015)

  • Olivier Bouin, RFIEA / NetIAS – Networks of Institutes for Advanced Study
  • Jon Deer, RISE – Raising the Impact of the Socio-Economic Sciences
  • Didier Georgakakis, European Confederation of Political Science Association
  • Elena Gonzalez-Bianco - European Association of Digital Humanities - EADH
  • Poul Holm, ECHIC - European Consortium of Humanities Institutes and Centers
  • Wolfgang Mackiewicz, European Language Council / Conseil européen pour les langues
  • Milena Zic-Fuchs, HERA – Humanities in the European Research Area
  • Angela Schindler-Daniels, net4society
  • Theo Wubbels, European Educational Research Association - EERA