Position Papers

FAB – LAB – APP: The perspective of the European Alliance for SSH on the HLG Report

The HLG’s work on the next Framework Programme emerges in a very fragile political environment, where humanitarian crisis, political fragility, populism and deep societal changes are among the most pressing issues for Europe’s future.While there is much to support in the work of the HLG, EASSH is concerned that the report fails to remain consistent with its own call to listen to the concerns of EU citizens. Read EASSH response to the HLG

EC High Level Group invites EASSH to co-design FP9

On Tuesday 6 June, the EC High Level Group led by Pascal Lamy has invited EASSH among the stakeholders for a discussion on Maximising the Impact of EU Research and Innovation Programmes. The mandate of the High Level Group – in the context of the interim evaluation of Horizon 2020 – is to draw strategic recommendations on EU R&I programmes in the future. The Group is working towards issuing a report which will be presented at the 'Research and Innovation: Shaping our Future' conference in Brussels on 3rd July. As a crucial part of the evidence base from which the recommendations will be drawn, the Group considers it very important to be able to meet with different EU-level stakeholder organisations whose members are actively engaged in EU R&I programmes. EASSH was also invited to submit a short paper addressing few key issues. Please read the paper here.  


Goodbye Philippe, we will miss you!

The SSH community pays its tribute to Philippe Keraudren, a friend and a tireless supporter of research. We will miss your guidance, your encouragement and your commitment....

Boosting Impact of Social Sciences and Humanities

EASSH has been invited to present at the two day international conference in Cardiff on Boosting Impact of Social Sciences and Humanities. The Conference is held in Cardiff on 20-21 September 2017...

Lamy’s HLG Report adopts EASSH recommendations. A new focus and attention to SSH research

On 3 July 2017, the High Level Group led by P.  Lamy presented the...