The European Alliance for the Social Sciences and the Humanities was formed in 2015. It is a membership organisation spanning all areas of the humanities and social sciences working to promote these areas of knowledge and research and to engage with relevant policymakers and stakeholders.

EASSH has over fifty member organisations including a wide range of disciplinary areas, stakeholders and universities from across Europe.

The policies of EASSH are approved by the General Assembly held each year in November. The management of EASSH is entrusted to a Governing Board elected by the membership. EASSH has offices in Paris and Brussels. For further information, please contact

Position Papers

“Innovation investment must rise to match global ambitions.”, President Ursula Von der Leyen

EASSH calls on Member states to maintain the ambition to transform European society by investing no less than 1.11% GDP in Europe. Such investment will support investment of a minimum of €98bn in Research, Innovation and Education, which can be transformative.

EASSH continues to support the focus on a strong and well-resourced Pillar. We support a coherent set of equitably resourced clusters, which retain a central focus on addressing citizens’ concerns. Social sciences and humanities are scholarly fields on a par with medicine or engineering, for example. The contributions made by researchers in SSH must be assessed by suitably qualified experts.


ISE launches a petition for more investment in Horizon Europe

EASSH supports the campaign started by the Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE) asking Member States to keep their commitment to Horizon Europe as high as proposed by the Parliament despite an...

EASSH General Assembly - 15 November 2019

EASSH will hold its next general assembly on 15 November 2019. Mr Paquet will open the event. Please register with the link sent with the invitation via email by 15 October 2019.

EASSH signs petition addressing the need to keep Research and Education in the Commissioner's title

EASSH signed an open letter to the Presidents Sassoli, Dr. Juncker and Dr. von der Leyen to demand explicitly that the EU commission revises the title for commissioner Gabriel...